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IPK is a patent law company, established in Ukraine, specializing in registration and protection of the Intellectual property objects in Ukraine, European Union, United Kingdom, Spain and other jurisdictions worldwide.

From detection and analysing a possible IP objects, forming a Strategy to create individual IP Portfolio, registration of all IP objects, supporting and protecting your IP rights. Having the special education and significant IP experience, we guarantee the professional approach individually, for each business partner.

Think globally

Choose the jurisdiction where to start and how to grow for the best effective strategy and protection. We have experience in Ukraine, European Union, United Kingdom, and the established cooperation with preferred Associates to provide worldwide IP protection

Think globally

“Our approach is to find the best possible solution for you. Individually, depending on your circumstances and your original case. We are sure: the detailed preparation guaranties the best results.”

Daria Kaplunenko, managing partner

Daria is a Patent and Trademark Attorney, has a technical background, Master’s degree in Intellectual property Law and Common Law, and over 15 years of IP practice: she has significant experience in representing the interests of foreign and Ukrainian applicants, including global corporations, small entities and start-ups.

Membership and partnership

National Association of patent Attorneys of Ukraine


National Association of patent Attorneys of Ukraine


International Trademark Association


International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

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