Trademark is an original sign that identifies and distinguishes your products and/or services among products and/or services of the other owners.

The most popular types of trademarks are:

A mark consisting exclusively of words or letters, numerals, other standard typographic characters or a combination thereof that can be typed.A mark consisting of figurative elements, graphic, original colors or non-standart charactersA combination of figurative and verbal elements
word mark pepsifigurative mark pepsipepsi figurative mark containing word elements
(example – EUIPO registration No006721567)(example – EUIPO registration No 011727856)(example – UK registration No UK00000997728)

Other possible types of trademarks are:

— Shape mark
— Sound mark
— Position mark
— Colour (single) mark

Each trademark is to be registered for certain products and/or services. All possible products and services are classified in the International classificatory – Nice classification.

To register a trademark, it is important to choose a list of your products and services according to the respective class very precisely.

All Classes headers are available at “Nice classification (English version)

The proper and accurate preparation guaranties the best result for your trademark application!

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