Assignments, license agreement and other services

Once you become the Owner of the registered IP rights, you are free to use it, to allow use thereof and even prohibit non sanctioned use.


To allow use of the IP Object under the Ownrer’s control, it is possible to give a license or to sign a license agreement between the parties, defying the territory of use, scope and terms of use. We can help you to draft the best terms of use to be mentioned in such types of agreements for each individual case.

In Ukraine, it is not necessary to register a license agreement for your IP object, but it is possible to do so. Whether or not it should be done on your case, we are glad to study case details and provide our advice.

Changes in the registered patents, trademarks, designs, patent applications

During life cycle of the registered object, the Owners name and or address could be changed. In this case, it is possible to record change in the Official register, to update full Owner’s  data.

IP rights transfer – Assignment agreements

In case of the change of the Owner, for example, in case of the purchase of IP object, or in case of legal succession, it is required to register changes in the official register. We provide due diligence services and audit of the IP rights before the transfer.

The documents confirming change of the Owner should comply with the legal requirements of the Ukrainian IP office.  It is possible to mention multiple IP objects in case if the assignment is needed from the same Assignor to the same Assignee. 

The assignment is valid only from the date of registering in the perspective register, therefore the well-prepared documents provide you the prompt and stabile result. We provide you with drafts for the Assignments and give the best possible solution for Assignment recordal.

We can help with:

  • Change name and/or address of the applicant
  • Change name and/or address of the Owner
  • Change the Owner
  • Draft the Assignment
  • Record the assignment
  • Monitoring state of affairs for certain IP Object
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