Protecting the Design

Design (Industrial design in Ukraine) – is the result of intellectual and creative activity of a person in the field of artistic design. In the other words, this is the design of any object, which can be seen, without details of its inner construction/mechanism.

The scope of legal protection granted to a registered industrial design is determined by the image of the industrial design entered in the Register.

To register the industrial design in Ukraine, it is necessary to provide:

  • Applicants data (future owner of a registered design)
  • Data about the Author of a design (person who created it)
  • a set of figures or photos, which provides an overview of the design: a general view, view from both sides, back and bottom views of design
  • description of the essential features of design
  • power of attorney (will be provided additionally).

It is possible to request registration of several designs (multiple application) if the designs concern the same  class of the Locarno classification  – international classification of the designs.

A certificate for the industrial design can be obtain after a formal examination.

To maintain the register deign active, it is necessary to pay annuities – official fees for each year of validity of a Certificate. Annuity fees should be paid upfront.

Once the design is registered, it is possible to grant a license, to record amendments or to assign your exclusive IP rights.

We provide full range of services for industrial design registration and protection in Ukraine, EU, UK and internationally – using a Hague system – International design system.

  • Filing application for registering a design (industrial design)
  • Drafting description for design
  • Multiple design  applications
  • Legal advices about set of figures to obtain the best protection
  • Obtaining a Certificate
  • Paying annuity fees to maintain a Certificate
  • Amendments to the application or to the registered design
  • License agreements
  • Assignment agreements
  • Registering EU design
  • International application for Design
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